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 Directorate General of Foreign Trade

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Local Circulars


Circular type and Number Date Subject
Circular 1/AM13 12.11.2012 Meeting with the Consul General of China on 17th December, 2012


Circular type and Number Date Subject
ZPRU 06/AM12 16.11.2011 Surrender of IEC (Importer Exporter Code) in case of amalgamation/merger/acquisition/take over of the IEC holder firm/company by another firm/company – procedure to be followed- reg.
ZPRU 05/AM12 20.10.2011 Validity of an authorisation.
ZPRU 04/AM12 20.10.2011 Attention of all concerned is invited to SION E-1 & E-5 for export of Assorted confectioneries and Biscuits (with or without dry fruits) respectively
ZPRU 03/AM12 09.09.2011 Reg : references being made by sections officers (ADG/FTDO) to outside agencies for verification of genuineness of documents without obtaining approval of superiors
ZPRU 02/AM12 04.05.2011 Reg maintenance of account of consumption and utilization of duty free inputs imported/domestically procured against advance authorization
ZPRU 01/AM12 29.04.2011 Reg issuance of duplicate copies of export import licence/ certificate/ authorization/ permission/ CCPs


Circular type and Number Date Subject
ZPRU 06/AM11 07.02.2011 ..The procedure for the re-credit of 4% SAD of Customs in DEPB, VKGUY, FPS, FMS, MLFPS scrips.......
ZPRU 05/AM11 07.02.2011 ..Issue relating to coverage of export products under the category of “Basic Chemicals”...
ZPRU 04/AM11 05.01.2011 ..Attention is invited to ZJDG’s Circular No.01/AM.11 dated 27.04.2010 regarding recredit of 4% Special Additional Duty (SAD) of Customs in DEPB, VKGUY, FPS, FMS,MLFPS Scrips...
ZPRU 03/AM11 16.12.2010 ..not to issue any DEPB against export of  “cotton yarn including mélange yarn” made on or after 21.04.2010..
Notice regarding IEC application  23.09.2010  Notice regarding IEC Application .
ZPRU 02/AM11 24.09.2010 ..basic chemicals (excluding Pharma products)” has been mentioned as one of the sectors eligible for Status Holder Incentive Scheme (SHIS)..
ZPRU 01/AM11 06.09.2010 export of “Cotton yarn including Melange Yarn” appearing at DEPB entry sl. no. 78 of the Product Group “Textiles” shall not be entitled for DEPB benefit with immediate effect
ZJDGFT Circular 01/ AM11 27.04.2010 Re-credit 4% Special Additional Duty (SAD) of Customs in DEPB, VKGUY, FPS, FMS, MLFPS scrips





Endorsement on licences about issuance of Export Obligation Discharge Certificate....


01.04.2008 ZJDG CIRCULAR NO. 02


26.08.2008 The steps to be followed to avoid  typographical errors ( IEC)


12 28.1.2008


11 03.12.2007

Precautions to be taken while sending Bundles to the Record Room

10 02.11.2007

Regarding cancellation of endorsement of transferability.

09 15.10.2007

Guidelines for the work related to audit

08 12.10.2007

Mishandling of computers and printers

07 03.09.2007 Procedures relating to delayed submission of applications beyond the prescribed date.
06 16.08.2007

Checking the authenticity/veracity of documents accompanying application for authorizations

05 06.08.2007

Guidelines  regarding Software.

04 31.07.2007


03 05.06.2007

Discontinuing of Enrolment System

02 03.05.2007

Guidelines for settlement of Audit paras

01 25.04.2007

Export Obligation Monitoring - Guidelines for issuance  of Demand Notices to be  generated through system


11 16.03.2007

Maintenance  of receipt register

10 06.03.2007

Export Obligation Monitoring - Guidelines for issue of Cautionary letters generated through system

9 18.01.2007 Dealing with cases of applicants  who change their names
8 18.01.2007 Procedure for raising deficiencies in the applications
7 12.01.2007

examination of cases  received from other Ports  offices  for approval/ex-post facto approval by Zonal Jt.D.G.F.T: regarding

6 20.11.2006

Guidelines to be followed for updating the status of old advance licenses in computer database

5 05.06.2006

Forwarding copies of Advance Authorizations to the concerned jurisdictional Central Excise Authority

4 26.06.2006

Passing of Appealable orders while rejecting the claims.

3 10.04.2006

Printing the Licence in old software till the receipt of amended software

2 05.04.2006

Issue of Stalin Certificate using electronic type writer.

1 03.04.2006

Issue of DEPB for shipping dt 1.10.05 to 3.10.05

9 19.01.2006
Validity of Status certificate should be as per para 3.5.3 of F.T.P.
8 19.01.2006 Processing the case for EODC/Redemption against same PRO file which had been generated earlier.
7 18.01.2006 Financial powers for issuance of DFCE scripts under serve from India scheme, VKUY & TP scheme.
6 28.12.2005 Guidelines for processing of DEPB application received as per policy circular no.28 dt.6.10.05
5 15.06.2005 Cancellation for duplicate/ wrongly generated PRO file no.
4 09.06.2005 Endorsement of necessary condition while issuing Adv & DFRC.
3 01.06.2005 Issue of forwarding letter along with EODC/ No Bond/Redemption certificate
2 27.5.2005 Clarification for public notice no 8/2004-09 dt:13.5.05
1 26.5.2005 Invalidation letter
1 30.3.2005 Reorganizing licensing sections in terms of O&M instructions no.5 dt:29.3.05
8 31.1.2005
7 06.01.2005
6 08.10.2004
5 09.09.2004
4 25.08.2004
3 14.07.2004
2 02.04.2004 Fees liable for the applications submitted on or before 31.3.04
1 01.04.2004 Concession for payment of fees for the applications filed digitally with EFT mode etc.,
5 18.09.2003
4 08.09.2003
3 01.09.2003
2 11.08.2003
1 21.04.2003
ZJDGFT Circular No.04  31.07.2002 Monitoring of VABAL licences.
Policy Circular No.6/2002-2007 27.06.2002 1) Application by branch office of Registered exporters for Deemed export benefits
2) Endorsement by RLA’s for automatic extension of Status upto 31.03.2004 for Golden Certificate and other status holders
3) Retrospective effect to certain changes in the Exim Policy 2002-07
ZJDGFT,Mumbai circular No.03 19.06.2002 Clarification regarding issue of DEPB/AdvanceLicense/Status Certificate
ALC Circular No.1 10.06.2002 Export of serpentine (green marble) under Duty Exemption Scheme.